As a member of the Tennessee Community Organizations (TNCO) I agree to the following ethical terms of membership:

♦    Financial Ethics – I understand that membership dues are the only true revenue source for the association, and the commitment to remain current is of critical importance to the financial vitality of the organization. I agree to remit payment for billed obligations to TNCO on a business timely schedule. I understand that signing the membership application form is a binding commitment with my agency’s financial dues obligation predetermined based on TNCO’s formula based dues structure. I understand this commitment may be paid annually or quarterly based on my agency’s preference. By choosing the quarterly payment option, I understand that I am committing to a membership year – July through June.

♦    Professional Ethics – I understand that the fundamental principal of a trade association is mutual equality of members – whether large or small in scope of operation. While this equality may be traditionally thought of as equal decision making opportunity with the priorities of the association, it also extends to the equal and ethical treatment of fellow members not only by the association, but also among the members.   I understand that the members are competitors, and I agree not to participate in any anti-competitive activity.

♦    Confidentiality Ethics – I understand that one membership benefit is the access to professional and industry information. I also understand that often this information is of a sensitive nature, often in draft or proposed form. I also understand that while I am not limited in my association with the different facets or personalities that make up this profession, be that state, advocate or provider, I am prohibited in sharing association information and agree to abide by information sharing ethics and policies of this association.  This specifically includes not sharing any association generated communication, however it does not include information generated from other sources such as official state issued information or communication which is generally of public information/ knowledge. I agree to be respective of levels of communication and sensitive to taking information from one TNCO listserv to another without approval from the President or Executive Director. If you are unsure whether to share information with other members or if you may forward information to non-members please ask the executive director.

♦    Representative Ethics – I agree to refrain from stating official or unofficial policy positions of TNCO, either publically or privately unless they have been duly approved by the Board of Directors.  I will carefully distinguish public or private personal opinions from those of TNCO in general. I agree to have any public notice that references TNCO from a policy position perspective, specifically approved by the President, Executive Director or Board of Directors (as appropriate) before issue. I agree to provide copy to, or inform the Executive Director of any media event that implies a TNCO position that is not already publically known and such as may be conveyed inadvertently by a reporter or commentator.

For the violation of any of these terms of membership, I understand I may invoke upon myself and my agency the penalties as denoted in (Article IX – Expulsion) of the TNCO Bylaws.

ARTICLE IX – Expulsion

The Board by a 2/3 majority vote may expel any member organization that has not carried out its obligations to the association or that neglects or refuses to comply with these bylaws or that has become intemperate or irresponsible. No member Organization shall be expelled until the Organization has been informed in writing of the charges and has had the opportunity to appear before the Board. A Board member or officer may be removed by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board for neglect of duties under these bylaws.

I denote my understanding and agreement with the Membership Ethics Agreements as noted above.