TNCO Committees


Committees of Practice

 Governmental Affairs

The Governmental Affairs committee is responsible for developing the annual legislative initiatives of the association.  Working with TNCO staff, our Lobbyists and Legal Advisors, the committee researches legislation presented by the Tennessee State Legislature and its potential impact on our member agencies and the developmentally and intellectually disabled community.  This committee sponsors Legislative Weekly, a publication that includes bills that may be of interest to our member agencies.


The Healthcare committee researches health-related issues and regulations.  The committee also collaborates with state personnel to streamline the Medication Administration Training Cirriculum; review QE standards related to healthcare; and serves as the  consultative advisement for the TNCO Board of Directors regarding healthcare issues.


The Employment committee addresses employment issues; recruits new employers for people with intellectual disabilities; develops education for member agencies pertaining to Olmstead compliance and researches viable options to the Ticket to Work program.

Managed Care

The Managed Care committee is responsible for researching and developing strategy regarding ID/DD Managed Care Organizations for members of the association.


The committee’s main focus is to increase membership and provide beneficial membership advantages. This committee works on a wide variety of projects yearly, including conferences and educational training opportunities, the annual awards program and membership forums. This committee also sponsors the TNCO website.

Public Relations

The PR committee works to maintain a positive image of the organization in the community by planning for and monitoring public relations and publicity activities year-round. The committee also helps plan and develop marketing efforts that support the organization’s services and programs.


The Regulatory committee diligently reviews all state regulations that pertain to provider agencies and the developmentaliy and intellectually disabled community they serve.


The Technology committee keeps the TNCO Board of Directors abreast of technological advances that could provide cost-savings and critical workplace improvements for provider agencies.